Efficient Linear Algebra for Gröbner Basis Computations

June 4-8, 2012 -- Kaiserslautern, Germany

Linear algebra plays an important role in modern efficient implementations of Gröbner basis algorithms. Consequently, a number of groups aim at developing linear algebra packages for these computations: we mention the HPAC project, LELA by the Singular team, the FGB package by Jean-Charles Faugère, the M4RI libraries, specialised linear algebra routines in PolyBoRi as well as non-public projects. In this workshop we want to bring researchers interested in this problem and developers of these packages together to discuss and develop solutions. The format of this workshop will be a mixture of talks, coding sprints and design discussions.

Topics will include but are not limited to:

Invited Speakers


See here for the full schedule.

Talks are scheduled Tuesday to Thursday. Coding sprints will take place throughout the week, Monday to Friday. Expected arrival time is Monday morning. Departures on Friday afternoon.


Project ideas for the coding sprints are collected on on this page.


There is no registration fee for the workshop. If you are planning to attend, please let the organizers know by email.

List of registered participants is here.

We can help with hotel reservations in Kaiserslautern if necessary. Please write to us as soon as possible with your arrival and departure dates if you want us to book a room for you.


The workshop takes place at the ITWM Fraunhofer Institute. Travel information can be found here.


SPP-1489: Algorithmic and experimental methods in algebra, geometry and number theory



Feel free to email the organizers with questions, comments and suggestions.

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